3. and emergency services are facing scandals,

3. One
reason why many people like the UK is because of its conservative values and
among these values was the NHS. The NHS main principle is health service to all
rich or poor. This principle which I admire about this government institution is
the subject of privatisation.My initial view of the NHS
privatisation argument is that as a single mother my son and I benefit from the
free NHS support which allow me to see a GP when needed without paying any fees
and part of my benefit is free medication when one was prescribe, but now my
main worry is that if the NHS is privatised. I don’t know how the new
healthcare system is going to beneficial or not. As part of the working class
and looking at what’s happening to out-of-hours care already. The accident and
emergency services are facing scandals, one after another. All these problems
are the result of the fragmentation of the NHS. The privatised service, with
less qualified staff to cut costs, has seen an increase of 50% in the rate of
calls referred to A&E since 2010. When taking a look at few examples in other
country like Sweden. I find out that when the Swedish government put
competition in their healthcare system. The system saw the growth of privately owned
clinics in only rich areas and of the 196 new clinics that opened in Sweden,
all privately-owned, 195 were in wealthy areas. The newly privatised Dutch
system showed similar problems. The GP organisation tried to address it by
asking newly qualified GPs to take positions in rural practices. For this
“interference with the market” the national competition regulator
fined the GP association of millions of Euros.In my opinion competition
puts revenue, not patients, at the centre of care. It’s a legal requirement for
businesses to maximise their profit, not patient wellbeing. This is why the
public or poor people like me consistently oppose privatisation; it converts a
public health service to a business. My view went further and I believed that the
public will pay more, both as a taxpayer and directly when they privatise NHS
services. In reality I have noticed how my water bills, energy bills, train and
bus fares keep on rising in real terms.  Even though previous British
government has clearly stated that they wish for the “privatisation of the
National Health Service”, none of them have the courage to see it through. But
nowadays many politicians wanted to replace the NHS with a medical insurance
system based on the American Medicare system because they thought it was the
best way to release the pressure on the government and leave the public that
put them into office to fund for themselves.  In a parliamentary debate often come various
issues surrounding the privatisation of healthcare and different politicians
often stated that “there is a crucial role for the private sector in supporting
the delivery of NHS care”. Although, some members were concerned about opening
up the NHS as a regulated market to private sector comes with some risk. As critics
maintain that a greater private involvement involves the risk of putting
profits before the interest of the NHS patients, encouraging conflicts of
interest between shareholders and patients  

There are many entities
contributing to the delivery of the quality of healthcare received by patients.
Even though I support  a government
control NHS I also  knew there are many
operation in the healthcare that are carried out by the private sector such as dentistry, optical care and pharmacy and most GP practices are
private partnerships as mention above. The NHS was created to benefit the public or the nation and
not to become a business that the big corporation will cherry pick and neglect
those operations that are not bringing massive profit. 

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