3 a wonderful destination for Vietnam luxury

3 day & 2 night luxury Halong Bay Cruise

Halong Bay is a masterpiece of nature that travelers should not ignore. A 3-day & 2-night cruise will provide you unforgettable moments on the Bay.

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Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage, Halong Bay holds a significant geological value. Nestled in Tonkin Gulf, Halong Bay is a typical model of karst landforms, consisting of more than 1,600 uninhabited limestone islands and islets. The islets, together with the turquoise sea water, make up a spectacular scenery that would steal travelers’ heart from the very first look. Halong Bay is hence a wonderful destination for Vietnam luxury tours. A luxury Halong Bay cruise will take you to the most distinguished attractions on Halong and Bai Tu Long Bays, offering a chance to escape from the bustling life.

There are 3 main types of cruises available in Halong Bay: luxury cruise, budget or mid-range cruise, and tourist boat. Among them, luxury cruise is the one which provides best services and experiences. The luxury cruise is simply a deluxe hotel on the ocean, where customers can be served with first-class services. Coming with Halong Bay luxury ships, you can not only pay a visit to the famous tourist spots but you can also enjoy some gorgeous moments like lying on a swanky sun-lounger and watching the sunset over a vista of limestone islands or watching the sky full of blazing stars at night.

Thanks to its majestic natural settings, Halong Bay is undoubtedly perfect for fancy holidays. During a 3-day & 2 night luxury tour in Vietnam, there are activities that you should not miss.

Conquer the jaw-dropping seascapes of Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay

A sightseeing tour around the breath-taking seascapes of Halong Bay is a must that any tours, from Vietnam luxury tours to budget tours, should not miss.

Naturally blessed with perfect karst landforms and aqua-green sea water, Halong Bay holds a strong appeal to travelers. Your jaw will drop right away when seeing the various sizes and shapes of the limestone islets covered by the clear and green sea water.

Another outstanding feature of Halong Bay is the marvelous karst caves. Two famous grottos to visit are Sung Sot Cave and Thien Duong Cave. You will stand in awe when seeing the majestic formations which look like animals in varying poses. The caves are even more appealing with the light reflecting from the water.

To the northeast of Halong Bay is Bai Tu Long Bay – another appealing destination to travel. Bai Tu Long Bay is every bit as spectacular as its reputable neighbor – Halong Bay. More importantly, Bai Tu Long seems to not have been much influenced by mass tourism, thus still well preserving its initial looks. A cruise will travel you around the Bay, across the majestic limestone pillars and secluded beaches. Remaining intact from human’s interference, Bai Tu Long Bay has becoming far more attractive to foreigners. It is a perfect place for luxurious visitors who want to dispel the fatigue of the bustle and hustle of life.

Go kayaking on the Bay

Kayaking on the Bay is believed to be one of the top things to do in Vietnam. With Vietnam luxury tours to Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay, kayaking service is included in almost every cruise.

Visitors will get the chance to paddle the kayak on their own to explore the Bay. Your kayak will glide around the turquoise sea water of the Tonkin Gulf, crossing the marvelous caves and less-visited beaches. Watching the sunset while kayaking is also not bad an experience.

Visit the fishing villages

Cong Dam and Vung Vieng floating villages are the two highlighted destinations for Halong Bay trips. The two villages are less-visited by tourists, thus still preserving its primitive looks.

Visiting the floating villages, travelers will get closer to the daily life of the local people, of which fishing is their main occupation. By listening to their stories, knowing how they cope with the storms, acknowledging how they earn a living, etc., you will approach to another beauty of the Bay and its people. You can also go fishing or plant trees with them.

What’s more, travelers can take a look at the awe-inspiring surrounding seascapes. The clear sea water enables you to watch the colorful coral reefs and the diverse marine ecosystem of Halong Bay.

Have dinner on the beach

If the weather is fine, you might be possible to eat dinner on secluded beaches. There are a lot of beautiful beaches on different islets. They are small seashores which are rarely visited by tourists, thus having tranquil and poetic vibes. How romantic it is to have a seafood BBQ on the beach while watching the glorious sunset!

With exquisite seascapes and significant cultural values, Halong Bay is undoubtedly a must-stop place when visitors travel to Vietnam. A luxury cruise along the Bay will definitely provide you everlasting moments.