3.0 enhancement can be done very easily

3.0 INTRODUCTION             

This chapter details the
overall structure of the project and explains the working principles and
hardware structures. For any control system application, there exist a
controller and its controlled hardware. To design our system, our expressions
are controlled by Arduino and raspberry pie.

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This system has the feature of transforming
various objects from one place to another by mean of Robotic Arm. Our system
not only works on the Land but it can also applicable on marine services. These
operations will be controlled by a user-friendly interface present on
operator’s mobile phone and through RF module. Depending upon the button
clicked on the application, proper motional commands are given to robot arm by
controller and by RF module control the direction for vehicle & seabed
part. This project is in aimed to design and develop for a vehicle and as ship
purpose (floating system on the surface of water), with an additional robotic
arm, which can move according to the button pressed on App. This prototype can
also be employed in chemical industry for handling of chemical materials of
hazardous nature, or for movement of heavy objects in any industry, or for
cargo services in the sea. RF module controlled the movement of the robot
vehicle either to move forward, backward and left or right etc. At the base
three motors are interfaced with the controller where two for wheel movement of
the vehicle robot while the other one is for the propeller shaft.



The great benefit of our
system is that we can adjust and transform our project for every application
according to their requirements by some changing in coding it doesn’t need any
change in the mechanical side. Future enhancement can be done very easily as if
we need to use this system in long distance areas, we can make it an automatic
system. For better and heavy objects transportation, we just enhance our
project with bigger scale and we just need to replace the components with the
components that are used for high voltages and current so we can easily
transport heavy loads but we don’t need to change our ideology related to this



It is required
so much study and research in different in order to utilize our ideas to
implement this system. Research on Raspberry Pi, Python was needed idea of
making, our project required more time on research and study rather than to
implement and apply the researched and studied methods to design a system in a
working condition. The most important part of our project is to study the idea
of balancing our robot on the sea level and we had spent lot of time in making
research on it and after a lot of research we achieve our target and seek the
innovative knowledge about the balancing of a robot on a sea level then we
implement these knowledge and ideas to our project to make it for a practical


the parts use has no ecological dangers as Since robots are working
alongside human workers, isolation as a safety measure is no longer an option,
and other safety approaches must be developed and Workspace sharing without any
resultant harm to human workers. Occupational safety and health
professionals should be directly involved in the development of international
standards aimed at ensuring safety of workplaces with human and robot workers.
Workplace safety standards for maintenance, operation, and interaction with
human workers, of professional, personal service and collaborative (including
managerial) robots should be developed proactive approaches for establishing
risk profiles of robotic workplaces should be developed; and redundant safety
measures should be developed and opera ionized to protect human workers while
performing maintenance tasks on robot workers.



The invention totally belongs
to the concept of Robotics to pick/drop different objects from one place to
another which helped us gaining a vast knowledge in Robotics. We also deal with
the controlling of motors and interfacing the motors with our controller
(Raspberry Pi / Arduino) so it helped us to gain the knowledge of interfacing
motors with controller and control the speed of motors. We used RF transceiver
as well as which works on radio frequencies so we also got some knowledge about
the radio frequency transmissions.



Design phase
is the beginning towards a project making. A design is considered as the core
of project because a proper and accurate designing can give the desired

Design must
be comprised of interfacing as well. Our project designing requires interfacing
of DC Motors to the Raspberry Pi Board which was needed an exhaustive study.
Our project also requires the interfacing of window motors with the android
application and interface the DC motors through RF module. The most important
part of our project is to design the floating system which needs lot of
researches and after a lot of struggle we designed our floating system.



After the
design phase, the second phase is to implement the project. The implementation
of project was fulfilled by use of all the possible resources. The resources
were hardware and software. In our project, we have interfaced DC motors with
the Raspberry Pi and also interface the window motors with Arduino Board. The
most important part of our project is to design and implementation of our
mechanical system which require much more time so after a lot of researches and
struggle we designed our mechanical system and our floating system was another
important part of our system.




designing and implementation has done successful, the next step was toward
testing of the project, the testing is the final check point. We first check
our robotic base whether it is working properly or not, it includes the
interfacing of DC motors with raspberry pi board through RF module so after
checking all the connections we test our base. The next step is to test our
floating system so for this purpose we went to some place where there is a
facility of water pool so we check our floating system. In starting, it was not
balancing properly but after some trouble shooting and calibrations we achieved
our desired goal. The next and the last step is to check our robotic Arm, it
includes window motors which are interfaced with Arduino board through
Bluetooth module so we design an Android App to control the movement of window
motors and finally we tested our robotic arm as well. At this phase, we were
arrived with some difficulties but after trouble shooting we got our desired