2Philosophy These philosophies and ethics are an

2Philosophy and EthicsPhilosophy can be defined as the in-depth analysis of the presumptions about anything that we may have and bringing them to light and deciphering what it means and specifies. Philosophy is also a critique of the old techniques, ideas and technology and thinking of the new ways to improve them and make it possible. It is the process of thoughts which leads to new ideas and creation of new techniques, etc. Philosophy has a deep relation with and presence in the fields of art, science, religion, and others as these fields also utilize this study of ideas and thoughts to come up with better and improved ideas for the future. People have delved into the study of philosophy since centuries ago and have studied it in detail, providing the world their own ideas and thoughts which have been the source of progress in the world.Philosophy has provided people with guidance and showed them the way to improve and learn from the past and incorporate that knowledge into the new ideas that are developed. Philosophy is also a part of ethics and helps in making a distinction between what is wrong and right and how to act in situations according to these principles that have been set up. Every field has its own ethics, a doctrine of what is considered to be moral or immoral, which guides the members of that field to determine their actions and their effects on others. These moral principles are correlating to the practice, study, policies and the research in the medical field. These philosophies and ethics are an important part of any field and provide the way to progress and move forward in life and is a very useful part of any field. These principles help in determining what the ethical way to do something is, thus it provides guidance regarding about any situation that may occur. Philosophy is a subject that is different from the rest because of how it is deeply involved in the process of thought and study of ideas whether they are old or new. It is also the discovery of the ideas which may not be easily understood or discovered by others and bringing them to light (Munson & Lague, 2014).Ethics talk about how in a shared world it is necessary and important to have a general agreement on how to live life together as it is impossible to live in a way that we are all free from our social circumstances as humans. These terms created should follow moral values and guide people to live a moral and ethical life. Ethics and philosophy talk about the idea of a ‘Good Life’ which entails how a good life is one in which a person lives according to their own will following the positive moral values which will lead them to live a happy and moral life rather than when they live their life doing the immoral behavior. This all also reflects in the medical field in how its practices, research, and study is conducted in an ethical way, analyzing all the moral values and making decisions accordingly (Munson & Lague, 2014).Bibliography Munson, R., & Lague, I. (2014). Foundations of Bioethics: Ethical Theories, Moral Principles, and Medical Decisions. In R. Munson, & I. Lague, Intervention and Reflection: Basic Issues in Bioethics (pp. 470-522). Wadsworth Publishing.