In today’s
environment where there is a focus put on quantity of work, it’s important to
make sure that you’re taking time to rest. Working long hours not only damages the relationships among
employees but also affects performance. Creating a culture where flexible
working is supported will deliver higher morale and productivity. The manager
can allow team members flexibility
without monitoring often and give them specific deadlines. For instance, manager
can let team members, who are parents, come into the office earlier and leave
early to pick their children from school. Also, the manager can give the opportunity to his/her employees
to work once a while at home. Working at home it will be less stressful and
employees will feel more comfortable. Moreover, managers need to be aware what
is going on in the teams by listening and not controlling
them. If employees feel that their manager is there to support, help them and
know their needs will be less stressful. Thus, manager need to create the right
culture of open, healthy, supportive and
communicative environment. I monthly dinner would be very beneficial to start
know each other.

Finally, “the
concept of 360-degree feedback, through it can be very critical but, prepares
every level employee to remove the ambiguities of its routine activities and
polish skills by making them productive for achievement of their goals” (Dr. Muhamand
Aslam Kham, 2011). 

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