2 the present processes. (Anastasia, 2016) 2.1


Operating management including organizing, planning and controlling process and make compulsory enhancement for higher profitability. The adjustments in the everyday operation have to support the company strategic goal, so they are go before by measurement and deep analysis of the present processes. (Anastasia, 2016)

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2.1 Brian Krzanich: Our Strategy and The Future of Intel

            This article is written by Brian Krzanich in 26 April 2016. This article is discussing about the changing intel from a PC company to a company that powers the cloud and billions of smart associated computing device. They head into that future with huge resources and their spirit of innovation, and their technology and manufacturing leadership and the trust of their consumer. There are five core trusts that he holds to be evidently valid for what’s to come. cloud is the most significant trend shaping the future of the smart and linked world. The second is the most of things that make up the PC Client Business and the Internet of Thing are will make more valuable with their connection to the clod. Third, programmable solution and memory such as FPGAs will convey completely new classes of product for the Internet of Things and data center. Forth, 5G will turn into key technology for access to the cloud and as we advance toward a constantly connected world. Fifth, Moore’s Law will keep to progress and Intel will keep on leading in conveying its right economic impact. The intel company strategy depends on these premises and the unique resources that one of a kind Intel brings to them. There is a clear virtuous cycle in the intel company such as the cloud and data center, internet of things, memory and FPGAs are all bound together by interconnection, and improved by the economics of Moore Law. Besides that, the virtuous cycle is promoting their business and they are adjusting each section of their business to it.









            The Intel are good in the research and development in the technology. They technology covers a wide range of area such as IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence (Intel® Nervana™ AI Academy), Virtual Reality (VR) and so on. Intel is powering the Internet of Things for the worldwide market opportunities and able change across industries. Internet of Things implementation the Intel Smart Video Technologies. Smart Video System have integrated computer architectures and complex that are rapidly evolving. The technologies from computer field such as real-time video encoding and transcoding, HD graphic, artificial intelligence, scalable video streaming and storage and the Internet of Things are intensifying the enabling of modern smart Video system. Smart video system technology is speedily developing. For example, smart cameras that hardware accelerate encoding, decoding and transcoding, Video analytics and deep learning, smart video getaway and software and integration with the Internet of Things.

            Intel will soon be shipping the global first family of processors designed for the beginning for artificial intelligence (AL). The artificial intelligent is the Intel® Nervana™ Neural Network Processor family formerly and formerly kown as “Lake Crest”. This group of processors is more than 3 years in making and on behalf of the group building it. Deep learning and machine learning are rapidly emerging as the most essential computational workloads of their time. These strategies will make them extract meaningful insights from data. Besides that, they are listening to their consumer and applying changes to Intel’s silicon portfolio to convey predominant Machine Learning performance. For business today, the Intel data center accelerators and Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors are powering the vast majority of common purpose Machine Learning and inference workload. The intel Nervana NNP is a objective set up architecture for deep learning.

            Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) shown a developmental portfolio of technologies and features that make virtualization practical by enhance security and removing performance overhead. Intel® VT offer hardware help to the virtualization software, reducing its cost, size and complexity. Next, special attention is also given to decrease the virtualization overhead occurring in I/O, cache and memory. In the past decade or so, an importance number of hypervisor vendors, user and solution developer have been enabled with Intel® VT, which are currently serving a broad rage od customers in the enterprise, consumer, technical computing, communication, cloud, and many more sector.


            Intel concentration on enabling technologies that are scalable, horizontal and flexible so that business is able to development their own procedures and regulation when determining how to use the recorded video. Smart Video system are increasing used in retail interaction, city surveillance, banking and finance surveillance, railway supervision, traffic monitoring, airport security, education management and other market application. For instance, an industry may use a smart video system to monitor equipment and regulate if there are any breakdowns that required to be serviced. Another example, a government building or hospital will use a SV system to monitor the people that are entering forbidden zone.

Using Intel Nervana technology, company will be capable to implement completely new classes of AI applications that able customers to find superior insights transforming their businesses and maximize the amount of data processed such as health care, social media, automotive and weather. For health care, AI will allow for prior diagnosis and superior accuracy, helping make the impossible possible through advancing research on cancer, Parkinson’s disease and other brain disorders. AI in the social media will make supplier will be able to provide their customer with more personalized experience and provide more targeted reach to their advertisers. Next, the quicker learning delivered in this new platform takes us one more step closer on the road to putting autonomous vehicles. Consider the tremendous data need to understand movement, water temperature, wind speed and other factors that determined a hurricane path. Thus, having a processor that takes good advantage of data inputs can enhance on how subtle climate shift might increase hurricanes in different geographic.

Intel was first offer hardware specification to Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) vendor that meaningfully decrease the overhead of VMM operation and greatly enhance the abilities and speed of the VMM. Intel® Virtual Technology (Intel® VT) is a description that has been involving in Intel hardware shipped since 2005. It offers a flexible set of hardware primitives to help VMM software and has the broadest software and hardware support. Intel VT as well as speeds the operation of VMs, but it also decreases the complexity and offers a standard platform for the development of even more ability VMMs. Intel VT also include a research component that work with VMM vendors to offer the future functionality they need. For instance, VMMs are exploiting Intel hardware and a virtual machine now can be able to made that uses four CPU in a multiprocessor configuration.



            The factory will keep adopt virtualization for a lot of reason. For instance, isolated in harmless virtual partition can be tested by software, collection of ineffective servers can be substituted with fewer machines, and data centers can virtually and gracefully conform to shifting work model, changing corporate priorities and new technologies. So, we recommend the intel must continuous enhance system security and reliability. Virtualization of system aid avoid system crashes due to memory consumption caused by software like device drivers. VT-d for Directed I/O Architecture offers approaches to well control system devices by defining the architecture for Direct Memory Access (DMA) and interrupt remapping to confirm enhanced isolation of I/O resources for better security, reliability and availability.