2.Answer the patient? What a nurse should

2.Answer the following questions using ethical principles: Is access to healthcare a right or a privilege?Bauchner (2017) expresses that healthcare should be a right to all Americans. Black (2017) mentions one of the models of health care that states that should be “to each according need” (pg.135). What I believe is that institutions and government should focus on educating society about how a healthy life style can impact their health. According to Black (2017) if care would be given to all Americans, there is some questions to ask to plan if the government have sufficient resources. But, as I said with education we can prevent illnesses that arise from a bad lifestyle. This can be a permanent solution while the question whether the government have the resources is been debated. What should a nurse do when his or her personal values conflict with those of the patient? What a nurse should do is to enter a patient’s room with an open heart. This will allow the nurse to listen compassionately to the needs of his or her patient, which would be “the doing good” to the patient (Black, 2017, pg. 134) one of the most important ethical principles: beneficence. When we practice empathy, it become very natural to understand what a person is going through. It helps us with our own prejudices. When we give a person the opportunity to talk and get to know them without judging them first, we could understand their values and beliefs. I think what makes every person unique is that we are all different. When a nurse meets a patient, he or she does not know what that patient has been through. Furthermore, the nurse does not know why the patient has different values. Maybe this patient grew up in a different environment. We should not judge, make assumptions or stereotypes. I am very confident that compassion is the main and most important value that a nurse can practice understanding their values and beliefs. The other stuff will come very natural.What is the nurse’s duty when a patient confides the desire to self-harm? One of the first things a nurse should do is ask for extra help for this patient. Psychiatrists and psychologists are trained to provide support to people with thoughts of self-harm. Sadly, self-harm is contemplated by some people as the final solution to a situation they perceive as overwhelming. Despair greatly affects our lives, it reduced and center the attention on the negative side of situations. One of the first step that a nurse should consider is to communicate with his or her patient. It is important as nurses to have a predisposition to listen, without judging the patient’s actions or thoughts. One of the most important factors to achieve this, is to transmit to the patient that we understand their emotions. Another very important recommendation is that a nurse should never challenge his or her patient whom is contemplating self-harm. If a nurse challenges or not believe the patient, this will give the patient one more reason to do self-harm. Lloyd-Williams et al., (2014) mentions the importance of training health providers on how to deal with patients that have self-harm thoughts. Furthermore, the author states that training in this area would help health providers feel more self-confident, which in turn, this attitude would improve quality of care towards patients that consider harming themselves. Interestingly, the author expresses that the staff felt a strong desire to assist these patients and help them change their perception. I think that is super powerful and this attitude can positively impact patients.