1. the Seven Year war. While France

this time period, while other European countries tried to take the reigns and
be the majority power, England had at advantage over them and they became the
most influential political power as a result of the Seven Year war. While
France did rival the British, they did not have the population to maintain
being a strong power. Spain, didn’t make a huge power move because they lived
in places where not many others did and they were sparsely populated throughout
the colonies. As a result of the Seven Year War, Britain gained Canada from the
French, and Florida from Spanish which also helped become Britain become the
dominate power in North America.

we have our modern day ideas of what Republican and Liberal’s are, they meant
something different back the 18th century. The people of the
Republicanism party, felt that the only people to be able to be active members
of politics at that time period, are those white land owners who also believed
that slavery should be intact and that no man should be able to take their
property in which they have paid for away from them. The Republicanism pasty
also believe that government should interfere with peoples affairs to make sure
that only white land owners were those who had rights. While Liberalism believe
white land owners and white non land owners should both be able to vote. They
saw rights as something that should be offered to all man and not just a small
group of people. They believed the government should not have the right to
intervene with economics, religious, and family rules to protect the rights of
all individuals.

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were three different types of slave systems which included, tobacco farms in
the Chesapeake, rice based in Georgia and South Carolina, and non plantation
slavery in New England. The tobacco farms were some of the oldest since they
had been producing tobacco for years now, and they were making the British lots
of money back in England. The tobacco planation’s were smaller so interaction
between the slaves and their owners was more extensive. Slavery in the Rice
Kingdom heavily relived on the production of rice, which depended on the slaves
to work on larger plantations and by the farms being bigger, it was more of a
profit for the British. While in New England, many lived on smaller farms where
slavery was not as depended on as trade was.

people were very prideful about the fact that they were participating in
politics which resembled of the freemen back over in Britain. But since so many
immigrants began to come from all over the world, they decided they wanted to
try and fight for their rights and to be separated from the British government.
They felt that this would further change their identity as they would feel less
like citizens of Britain but more like the freed people they came over here to

Great Awaking was a time where revival was happening because many felt the
church was dying out because less individuals were engaging in church services.
The Great Awaking helped start new churches: Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian.
It also started a division between the old lights (traditionalists) and the new
lights (revivalist). The revivalist were all about defending that religious
freedom was a natural right that freedom should not be allowed to restrict. They
believe one should trust their own views rather than elites. The Enlightenment gave
new ideas to people that there might be something other than a God that created
the Earth and these were new thoughts many had never thought of since they were
always following the Bibles teachings.

Atlantic economy relied heavily on the imports and export of goods between
services in the early centuries. The ships would carry crops, manufactured
goods, and slaves. The role of slaves in the economy was that colonist relied
heavily on slaves in that time period, especially those who had crops that
needed to be tended as they would buy slaves to tend their fields. The colonist
would trade their crops, livestock, and manufactured goods in change for slaves
in the slave trade which was a big part of the economy of the trade.

slave trade affected everybody that was involved either in a good way or bad.
For West Africa, it was a good market and it helped the economy tremendously
because even thought they were still people, if they were making a profit for
countries, they were then property. For the people of the New World and Europe
they benefited because they had workers to tend to their crops and make them
money and when they were no longer of use, they could be sold again, which
again made their owners money. The people in Europe, while they didn’t directly
have crops, having people live in the New World, they made money of them. The
ones not to benefit were, the slaves who were uprooted and torn away form their
families to be shipped on a boat abroad to be sent to work for the rest of
their lives with no freedom to look forward to.  

African identity was strongly rooted in the years of religious practice, they
often would sing songs to help them pass their time or help them through te
hardships of slavery. They believed that they had the right to be free and it
wasn’t fair for anyone to enslave them due to the color of their skin. There
were those individuals who began to lead a rebellion within the slaves and began
to meet underground to teach other slaves how to read and write so they could
be educated people. The rebellion played a big part in the society at that time
because slaves were beginning to retaliate against their owners.