1 The association between pay satisfaction and


In their
study Stringer et al. (2011) developed four research propositions based on
given literature:

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” P1. The
association between pay satisfaction and extrinsic motivation is positive.”

“P2. The association
between pay satisfaction and intrinsic motivation is negative”

“P3. The
association between extrinsic motivation and job satisfaction is positive.”

“P4. The association
between intrinsic motivation and job satisfaction is positive.”


For this research it was essential that the study took
place in a company using a pay-for-performance plan for their front line
employees (Ferreira and Merchant, 1992; Miles and Huberman, 1994)


To collect
the data they used three different established types of questionnaires on prechosen
participants selected by accessibility and availability (Champion, 2002), which
helped achieving a larger response rate (Stringer et al., 2011).

measuring the job satisfaction they used a short form of the “Minnesota Satisfaction
Questionnaire” (Weiss et al., 1967), Vroom’s (1964) model by Nadler and
Lawler (1977and Heneman and
Schwab’s (1985) “Pay Satisfaction Questionnaire” was used for the pay

to the survey the researchers had access to archival documents, structure of
the incentive program and added comments from the employees.


receiving the survey the workers had the possibility to participate on
completely anonymous and confidential condiditons (Springer et al., 2011) and
if they refused taking part in it, they were given the opportunity to write
down their reasons for denying.

the employees had the chance to express feedback on additional slips and if
they were interested in the outcomes, receiving a copy of the results could be