1. confidence · doubt about ability of



1.1 Definition of Culture Shock

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Culture shock is the event
which has faced by a people when they move    to a new country. Feel become inundated even
though ahead of time they did too much preparation. According to my opinion
culture shock is not experienced by only student it experienced by people who
work abroad as well as people who travelled abroad for visiting (Oberg,1954)..


Main issues of Culture Shock

Fearfulness about new
culture is the main cause of culture shock due to which we forgot all about our
home culture. causes of Culture shock includes environment changes, living
standard of different cultured people, lack of knowledge about how to talk with
other people and how to behave with other people, dining system , dressing
sens, behavioural attitude, body gestures ,working environment, routine
scheduled of new cultured people, feel alone , reality separation (Oberg,1954)


Symptoms of culture shock

Feeling jetlagged

Don’t try to interact with indigenous people

Feel lack of concern

Feelings of vulnerability

Lack of confidence

doubt about ability of success

feel fear to do new things

changes in temperament

become angry when you failed

lost identity

longing back to be home (Oberg,1954)



Purpose of Report

This report is written for
The Australian Association of International Students and the main purpose of
this report is to give the information about international students situation
while they have felt culture shock this report is useful for government of
country to make strong economy of education industry. so according to
information provided by the report the Australian association of international
students take necessary action to overcome the effect of culture shock among
the international students while they arriving here as well as before  arriving here.