1.2 location, a huge number of the

1.2 Current state of tourist’s branch

Tourism in Turkey has begun to develop actively in the 50th
years. Extremely favourable climatic conditions, an advantageous geographical
location, a huge number of the most interesting cultural monuments and the
general course towards liberalization of economy – all this was prerequisites
of the future tourists boom. Today Turkey has turned into the favourite
vacation spot of millions of people from every corner of the world. In Turkey hotel
and tourist complex for 40% is subsidized by the state that allows to establish
competitive prices. Every year to Turkey come more and more vacationers from
Russia. On the level of comfort and service the Turkish resorts concede nothing
to the best resorts of Europe. A combination of availability and high service –
one of major factors for which Turkish resorts deserved love of the Russian

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Turkey takes the 9th place in the rating of the leading countries
of the world on arrival of tourists and the 2nd place in the rating of the
leading countries on arrival of the Russian tourists. In 2009 Turkey was
visited by 27 million tourists – 2,8% more, than in 2008. The system of
placement of the country is presented by numerous hotel chains and separate
hotels. In the country various variations of hotel rooms are presented that
provides to the tourist rather big freedom of choice. Service price of hotels
depend on standard of hotel, power supply system and other additional services.

In recent years Turkey has made considerable efforts on
development of the hotel network – since the beginning of the 21st century the
number of rooms has practically trebled. The Turkish hotels are accurately
classified by “star system” from one (1 yildizli) to five (5
yildizli) stars. Motels and country houses are divided into two classes – the
first (1 sinif) and the second (2 sinif). There are also other systems of
certification introduced by local authorities that it is also designed to
provide some quality standards of service. In Turkey many international hotel
networks are presented but their hotels are concentrated generally in large
business centres, such cities as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir. And there are always
exceptions like foreign chains as Iberostar hotel in Alanya and in Marmaris and
Kempinski hotels in Belek and Bodrum.

Five high quality hotels are united in national network WOW
– World of Wonders (The world of miracles). In Antalya (Region of Kundu) the
Kremlin Palace hotel (837 numbers) is built like the Moscow Kremlin.

1.3 Main types of tourism

Turkey – one of the most convenient countries for the
Russian tourists. Tourism in Turkey has a set of advantages in this sense.
Millions of Russians who have already visited there in many respects adapted
tourist zones of Turkey under the Russian mentality, but haven’t deprived the
country of east exoticism inherent in it. The local population in resort areas
has already rather well learned Russian and therefore even those vacationers
who don’t know any foreign language in Turkey don’t feel a language barrier.