?What makes a world class athlete Essay

What makes a world class athlete

The people that I have chosen for my leadership essay are Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Usain Bolt. I have chosen these athletes for one reason, they are the greatest of all time. The reason I think they are the best is because they have set many records and achieved many victories in there sports. They also do a lot of things differently than most people in their sport. Lastly they have many qualities that make them better than the rest. Their qualities are, focused, confident, dedicated, smart and lastly humble. They are all dedicated because they all set aside many hours a week to practice and to train there sport. A few examples would be, Tiger Woods practices 7-8 hours a day 3-4 days a week. Also Michael Jordan would practice/workout 10 hours a day four days a week near playoffs. This shows how truly dedicated they are because they would not have much time to do anything else or have time for themselves. The second characteristic that I thought they all had is confident. This is truly what made them great I think. They had insane amounts of confidence in themselves, in their teams and in their coaches. Why confidence is a great leadership tool is because it allows people to do exactly what they want without hesitating or thinking long about it. An example would be Tiger, if he did not have confidence in his swing or himself he would not have made many puts or sunk many shots.

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The same would apply to basketball because without confidence in yourself you would get demolished by other players. Also Usain Bolt needs a lot of confidence when getting into the starting block so he knows exactly what to do. I think that this made them great leaders because they could lead there team to greatness and show other people the way, it is also why they were/are great assets on the teams that they play on. My third characteristic is smart. This trait is a very open statement by saying they are smart but I think without it they would be nowhere. They had to be smart in many aspects of their game and also listening to feedback from coaches. The way I think that they had to be smart while playing there game is deciding plays or picking clubs because if they were off by even a little it could cost them a game or tournament. They also had to be very smart and viewing videos of what they did right and wrong. I think this makes them leaders because they were constantly improving and progressing from their previous event.

My fourth characteristic is focused. These athletes always had focus in there practice and in there games. Never did you really see Michael, Tiger and Usain smiling or laughing during games or practice. They all had these very serious game faces and game mentalities that helped stay focused on the task at hand and not get distracted from being the very best in the world. The last trait that I think made them stand out from the rest as good leaders was how they were very humble about everything they did. I recently read a book about Tiger Woods and it said when he won many tournament he would not be overly joyed like everyone else. When Tiger won a tournament in 2009 he was expecting it because he knew that he had put in the effort and practice and he almost deserved it. Why I think this made him a good leader is because he was well planned and well prepared for it. I think all good leaders have this quality of being prepared being able to expect what is going to happen. That is why I think Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Usain Bolt are the best athletes the world has ever seen.