?Is Teaching a Noble Profession Essay

Is Teaching a Noble Profession?

“A teacher is never an ordinary person. Construction and destruction can be produced in his lap.” The above given quotation by Chanakya shows the power of teachers and teaching. Teaching is a very important activity on which the base of any nation and culture is established. So let’s see what teaching is. The word ‘teaching’ means the work of a teacher to provide knowledge and guidance. It is one of the oldest and noblest services to the society in any culture. But the question arises if teaching is a profession or a duty first. According to The Oxford Dictionary the word ‘profession’ means ‘a paid occupation’ and ‘duty’ means ‘a moral responsibility’. So it’s better to call teaching a duty than a profession. Let’s consider that this noble profession is a duty and discuss its importance then. Teaching not only shows the right path that the students should follow but also prepares the human resource for the further development of the nation. It has the potential to have a great impact in the molding of the next generation. That is why education should be valued by social institutions like government, the church, the family and civil society. Therefore teaching is: ? A process to impart knowledge and information ? A process of causing change ? A process to instruct and guide others

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Teaching is the noblest among all the professions since all professionals underwent education with a teacher. It’s also a process to prepare the next generation of skilled professionals and workers like politician, engineers, doctors, policemen, priests, educators, legislators and good citizens. Teaching, therefore, is considered as a means for which God uses a teacher as an instrument to touch lives. Kalam in his autobiography ‘The Wings of Fire’ pays tribute to his teachers. He is thankful to the teaching that he got from his teachers at the primary level. He was inspired to study further and be a scientist because of the care and guidance of his science teacher Shivasubramaniyam iyer.

That is the role of a teacher and his teaching in the life of a student. Another important thing about the profession of teaching is that it enlightens both sides of the teacher as well as the student. In this noble profession not only the students learn but the teacher also learns the lessons of life from the innocent students also. So it is beneficial to both of the sides. Aristotle rightly said, “Those who educate the children are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.” So teaching is a profession that provides an art of living. It is not only a duty but a moral duty. It is not a profession but a noble service to the world to create a more beautiful and peaceful world.