?How can an understanding of consumer behavior be used to manipulate consumers? Essay

How can an understanding of consumer behavior be used to manipulate consumers?

In today’s depressed economic situation, the Australian banks have been cutting interest rates to boost consumptions. This is a kind of Marco-control on the consumer behaviors. While, as for consumers, the most significant factor influencing its behavior mainly comes from psychological impacts. Thus, in this micro aspect, the marketing product itself is particularly important in the process of the consumer making decisions. However, the product-based marketing activities may not satisfy the diverse consumer’s desired values and needs. Therefore, for marketers, it is essential to understand what influences are right for consumer behaviors and how to manipulate their behavior in a right way. This short essay is designed to explain the knowledge of consumer behaviors and discuss how to contribute effective marketing practices through the relationship between the markets and consumer behaviors.

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Understanding Consumer Behavior
Many product decisions are made by the consumer throughout the day, like, what should I eat? What should I wear? Or which car should I buy? These product decisions shaped the consumer’s life. So, for the enterprises, to make a successful marketing strategy is basically relying on a good understanding of the consumer behavior, which refers to a human response to markets in the business situation and is a discipline dealing with how and why consumers purchase (or do not purchase) goods and services (Quester et al, 2012). Additionally, the behavior occurs either for individuals, or in the condition of a group or an organization; it involves the use of products as well as their disposal process; and it is a response not only to physical commodities but also to the intangible products, such as services and ideas (Lars, 1999).

When considering the process of consumer decision making, there the internal and external influences which must be considered by marketers for manipulating the consumer to purchase the particular brand or product. Like
the perception, learning, emotion and attitudes are all the personal characteristics may affect to recognize problem and evaluate alternatives. By the contrast, the demographics, lifestyle and household are made up the consumption situation that will influence information search and purchase choice during the process.

By discussed above, how can marketers use to position a product or start a business? For example, according to a psychological motive influence that consumers are more receptive to food advertising when they are hungry, thus the snack advertisement are usually scheduled late in the afternoon. By understanding the consumer’s general attitude impact on new products, marketers usually will adopt few customers to try the product initially and then to refine it and spread. Moreover, consumers often make choices with a full awareness of the impact on their lifestyle, so communication groups, like Vodafone make the consumer access the internet service anywhere, anytime with mobile broadband.

The knowledge of understanding consumer behavior and analysis of influences affect on such decision making process are really useful from the perspective of marketers. By considering these elements, making a market research is essential to help marketers to realize the consumer’s desired value and conduct its purchasing behavior before. While, after achieved an effective marketing practice by understanding consumer behavior, to keep consumer’s loyalty over an extended period of time is another problem that need a more comprehensive and profound understanding of the consumer behavior.

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