?Drugs speech Essay

Drugs speech

Good afternoon. I’m here to tell you all about the effects of drugs on your young vital stage of development. I am not here to tell you what is right or wrong but I am here to educate you in order to help you make the right decision when faced with the prospect of drugs. Drugs may seem a surprising topic at this point in time, but very soon parties will start dominating your social life and drugs and alcohol will crawl themselves in. This is a result of experimentation, curiosity, peer pressure or purely just trying to look cool and grown up. Young adulthood is the time in which you make mistakes and hopefully learn from. Drugs should not be one of them. I cannot say that none of you will ever try drugs because that would be untrue. 17%of students abuse drugs during the school day, 24% during the evening and 26% during the summer. Across the whole country 44% of students know someone who takes drugs often, these people are commonly known as; Druggies, Addicts, Social climbers, Depressed, Pushers, Junkies, Crack heads…. Is this what you want? So what are drugs? Drugs are spilt into 4 categories- depressants, hallucinogens, opiates and stimulants. Depressants are drugs such as alcohol, roofies and valium. They slow normal brain function, despite their prescription for treatment for anxiety and sleep disorders, and can be highly addictive. The withdrawal affects from long term depressants can be life threatening and produce some of the worst consequences of any other drug classifications! Hallucinogens are drugs such as marijuana, LSD and ecstasy which alter your thought processes, hearing, and sight.

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They can cause people to hear voices, see things, and feel sensations that do not exist. Hallucinogens are moderately addictive. Most of the risks of hallucinogen use are associated with the risk for personal injury and life-threatening accidents. Opiates are opium based powerful painkillers such as heroin, morphine and codeine which are made from a white liquid in the poppy plant. Opiates produce a quick, intense feeling of pleasure followed by a sense of well-being and calm. They are highly addictive and have severe withdrawal symptoms. Stimulants are drugs such as cocaine, amphetamine, MDMA (ecstasy), nicotine and caffeine. They elevate mood, increase feelings of well-being, and increase energy and alertness and are highly addictive. Stimulants can cause the heart to beat faster and will also cause blood pressure and breathing to elevate. Repeated use of stimulants can result in paranoia and hostility. Is it really worth it? Do you want to destroy your future like the 82% of children expelled from their schools for experimenting with drugs? 3/5 of those teens openly admitted ‘if I could turn back the clocks I would have not gone near them’. Most teens nowadays go to parties once or twice a month, with the determination to get wasted! 80% of adolescents think that the only way to have fun is by getting hammered or high. They think the only way that they can enjoy themselves is by poisoning their bodies with chemicals not safe for adults, let alone children! If you knew what was in those tablets, you WOULD think again! Bleach, Bath salts, aerosols and even horse tranquilisers!!!

The government have been contesting whether or not to make drugs legal to control the amount of concentration and purity within the substances. This would make it safer and healthier for the user, unlike the modern cheap unclean drugs commonly used at teen parties. These unclean drugs have many added substances inside to stretch the product which are potentially fatal; Bleach, insect repellent and weed killer. Dealers lace their drugs to maximise profitability by increasing weight. In 2008, 30 German teenagers were hospitalized after marijuana which they smoked was found to have been contaminated with lead, which was added in order to increase its weight. Even at your young age buying and taking what you think to be a harmless drug like weed can be laced with highly dangerous, hallucinogenic addictive drugs like crystal Meth. Methamphetamine is a class A drug which can rot your teeth, puts bags under your eyes, makes you start clawing your flesh, makes you angry, aggressive and you might even get seizures. Is that a risk you are willing to take? Many teens use drugs because they’re depressed or think drugs will help them escape their problems. Some teenagers are simply curious and figure one try won’t hurt. Others want to fit in and take drugs due to peer pressure.

A few use drugs to gain attention from their parents. This is not the way to think. People will have more respect for you if you do something great – anyone can get their hands on drugs if they want to, but is that the type of respect you want? The truth is, drugs don’t solve problems — they simply hide feelings and worries. When a drug wears off, the feelings and problems remain, or become worse. Drugs can ruin every aspect of a person’s life. Drugs can make you nervous about anything and everything you do, they can make you do things you would never have done before- break the law, underage sex, violent behaviour and just generally make you look horrible; rotten teeth, bags under eyes, hair falling out or even extreme weight loss.

The adults in your life have undoubtedly told you that drugs are bad about a million times. It is a fact that when someone tells you not to do something you are 47% more likely to do it, due to severe curiosity particularly common in children. The thought of a dangerous adventure different to your normal boring life, just sounds marvellous! But drugs are a factor way too unreliable to endeavour. I hope that everything that I have told you today will help you in making the right decision when in a situation involving drugs, allowing you to weigh up all the factors and consequences because you are educated in how harmful the drug is, which can be potentially fatal etcetera. Your future is like a corridor with many doors to choose from, just please let drugs be the one you burn down!

Thankyou for listening.